Solution focused on the


We have developed a business model adapted to the grower’s reality without any investment in technological infrastructure.

We understand that, among the many activities carried out in the rural property, it is not always possible to realize all the necessary managerial controls to have a successful business.

By taking all this into consideration, BRID developed a solution focused on the Grower where production needs are integrated, creating a reliable database about the property, thus eliminating spreadsheets or parallel notes.

We identify specific key indicators for property management. We transform information into knowledge with great expediency.

With our Agroview Grower solutions, you’ll get your costs and productivity consolidated, a general overview of your property and, if necessary, detailed information on costs and yield by crop, plot, harvest and income and expenses groups.

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BRID Solutions delivers the Agroview Grower in very simple way, since we count on a business model adapted to the Grower’s reality, with no need for investment in technological infrastructure and, most importantly, at low cost but with excellent benefits!